Intent, Implementation & Impact of our Science curriculum 




At Stratford-upon-Avon Primary School our aim is for children to recognise the significance of Science in daily life and provide them with new opportunities to learn life skills. Our intention is to emphasise on the teaching and learning of Science, intending to enhance pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world. Our intention is to plan a Scientific curriculum that fosters natural curiosity, instils respect for living organisms and the environment, and promotes critical evaluation of evidence. Our intention is to deliver a curriculum that cultivates inquiry-based learning, resulting in knowledge acquisition and for pupils to foster skills in critical thinking. We are intent on teaching children about scientists who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and learning needs, so they can share similar cultural or physical characteristics, fostering a sense of belonging and possibility.



To ensure effective teaching we follow Curriculum Maestro’s well-defined scheme of work, which is aligned with the National Curriculum, ensuring progression across all key stages in Science. At the beginning of each unit, we assess students' prior knowledge through discussions. In each lesson, we have a Flash back 4 task to support retrieval practice, develop long-term memory and connect to previous learning. Children gain access to essential language for effective written, mathematical, and verbal communication of their skills. Science topics are introduced with relevant real-world examples. Cross-curricular links are encouraged, allowing children to build on prior knowledge and become adept inquiry-based learners. Our planning includes activities that promote inquiry and exploration. We model with examples and record in books, taking pictures of practical’s and completing observations over different periods. We will adapt activities and assessments to meet individual needs. Our teaching methods involve hands-on experiments, group discussions, demonstrations, and multimedia resources. We encourage collaborative projects that require students to work together, this fostering a spirit of teamwork and mutual respect. We provide individualised support to ensure that all students, regardless of abilities, have the resources and encouragement needed to pursue their scientific aspirations. We encourage self-reflection and peer feedback for a collaborative learning environment. The love of science is promoted and developed through engaging hands-on lessons, science week, STEM workshops, outdoor learning and educational visits which link with other subjects.



Students at Stratford-upon-Avon Primary School will demonstrate proficiency, confidence, and resilience in their scientific abilities, showcasing a solid grasp of the concepts taught and a strong belief in their potential as budding scientists. Our young learners will also establish connections within and across science lessons, illustrating a comprehensive grasp of scientific principles. Most students are expected to meet the end-of-year expectations. This achievement will be evident in their science books through the completion of various activities and confirmed during pupil interviews.

Reception and Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2