Our Pupil Safeguarding Team - Team Safe

Safeguarding in schools is fundamental for keeping children safe and schools in the UK have a statutory responsibility to protect children from abuse. They play a very important role in keeping children and young people safe and at Stratford Primary, we are very proud of our safeguarding culture, where children feel confident to speak out if they have a concern about their own or another child’s safety and adults feel confident about how to respond.

This academic year, we have introduced a children’s ‘Safeguarding Committee/ Team Safe’ at Stratford Primary, who will work alongside our staff Safeguarding Team, to help take a proactive and informative child-led approach to Safeguarding.

Following a pupil vote in each class at the start of the term, committee members have been selected as a Safeguarding Committee member from each KS2 class.

The children’s Safeguarding Committee are involved in meeting with the DSL every three weeks (with biscuits and squash) to discuss key topics which are focussed on throughout the academic year. These topics might include mental health - anxiety, depression and general mental health; Online safety, following of year of online connectivity; Remembering how to stay safe in the community; Revisiting different types of abuse; Relationships; and promoting key awareness days within the school community.

The committee are then be responsible for talking to their peers and developing a pupil voice within the school surrounding Safeguarding. For example, they might be responsible for planning and running a whole school assembly every half term; devising questionnaires for the children to complete; creating a Safeguarding display for children; devising break time and lunch time ‘Team Safe’ sessions and running Safeguarding competitions.