Recommended Reading Lists

As well as being an enjoyable pastime, reading impacts hugely on children’s writing ability and general learning. We encourage children to read as much as possible, both at home and in school. To assist with the difficult task of choosing a new book, we have put together a recommended reading list for each year group across the school. This list is only intended to be a guide. The list covers a range of genres and has been collated from a number of sources including: teachers own recommendations, the National Literacy Strategy’s recommended texts, reading lists suggested by other schools and the National Literacy Trust’s website.
Some of the texts are more challenging than others and care should be taken when choosing those which your child might enjoy.
Please ensure reading is a pleasurable experience for you and your child and remember, your child is never too old to have stories read to them.
We also use Pie Corbett's Reading Spines to ensure that all children can access 'must read' texts in the classroom environment.