Digital Leaders

Welcome to the Digital Leaders page. Being a Digital Leader is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility, learn new skills, develop and demonstrate leadership skills. Our school council and Arden House have taken responsibility for this area. 


What do digital leaders do?


 Level 1 Leaders

  • Fetch and set up laptops and tablets – ensuring these are kept charged. Increase the use of tablets and computers in school to support learning.
  • Report broken or malfunctioning equipment.
  • Review apps and software and make recommendations.
  • Raise the profile of computing in the school.
  • Meet with the pupil safeguarding committee each term.

Level 2 Leaders

  • Run or help at a lunch club or after-school club
  • Write instructions for different pieces of software or apps.
  • Complete the Purple Mash Digital Leader challenges.
  • Contribute to the Purple Mash Digital Leader Blog.
  • Help other children to log into Purple Mash.
  • Feed into whole school decisions about the future development of technology.
  • Run or contribute to parents’ meetings.
  • Update and monitor areas of the school website or school/class 2Blog.

Level 3 Leaders

  • Test out new Purple Mash tools when they are released.
  • Show teachers, children and parents how to make the most of the Purple Mash tools.
  • Make governors more aware of the importance of ICT/computing in all areas of the school.
  • Make videos and presentations.
  • Represent the school at events sharing their expertise.
  • Help to inform and enforce the school’s online safety policies.
  • Attend staff meetings to train staff.
  • Create how-to video help guides.