Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2, where Mrs Withers is the class teacher. On Thursdays it will be Miss Bradburn. Your children are supported in their learning by Mrs Bean and Mr Gardner. 

We work together to provide a happy, busy and enriching learning environment in which children are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their full potential in all areas. We have high expectations in terms of behaviour and achievement, which the children respond positively to.

During Year 2, we build upon existing skills and concepts. These are extended by encouraging the children to explore and investigate ideas further as they become increasingly independent in their learning.

A high value is placed on working in partnership with parents in order to enable children to progress effectively, according to their individual levels.

We aim to make learning exciting and the curriculum is designed by linking subjects together to inspire and challenge the children’s thinking.
The children are encouraged to become responsible members of the school and community, by demonstrating tolerance, understanding and care towards other.

By the end of Year 2, our aim is for the children to have a smooth transition into KS2 as happy, confident and enthusiastic learners, equipped with the skills and independence needed in order to continue to achieve highly.

Year 2 Learning Themes:


1. Muck, Mess and Mixtures
2. Tunnels, Towers and Turrets


1. Street Detectives
2. Land Ahoy


1. Wriggle and Crawl
2. Beachcombers
Roald Dahl Day!
Year 2 had a totally Dahlicious day celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday.
To link with our class topic, Muck, Mess and Mixtures, the children had an exciting time experimenting with Skittles to learn about dissolving and creating a beautiful rainbow on a plate!
The children were able to explain that the sugar dissolved in the warm water and became transparent.
They then recorded their scientific findings, drawing their results and using key scientific words.
As discussed at our 'Meet the Teacher' meeting, I have collated a Recommended Reading List for Year 2.
This is only a guide and these text suggestions can either be read independently by your child or read to your child.