Pupil Voice

Our School Council

Each class elects two school councillors to represent them. 


The councillors for 2021/22 are:

Reception – 

Year One – 

Year 2 - 

Year 3 – 

Year 4 – 

Year 5 – 

Year 6 – 


We have met to discuss  which charity the school is to support this year. 

In previous years, we have supported Dogs for Good, Diabetes UK, The World Wildlife Fund and a local charity VASA - supporting the elderly. The school council are currently speaking to each class and thinking about who they will be supporting this year. Watch this space!

The Purpose of our School Council

- To act as voice for all children in the school.

- To benefit the school.

- To benefit the pupils.

- To contribute to decisions within the school.

- To organise social events and fundraisers.

- To promote democracy.


School Council Rules:

We will come to every meeting.

We will listen to each other.

We will respect each other’s views.

We will act as a voice for our class.

We will vote on any proposals.

We will prepare/provide/present at the meetings if we are asked to.

We will share our ideas and actions with our class.

We will make sure things happen because of our meetings.