We have four houses in our school
Shakespeare   Arden   Hathaway   Hall
They are led by our House Captains. Every year we hold a ballot for our House and Vice Captains. In Year 6 they spend time writing election speeches and campaigning.
The House Captains are automatically members of the school council. 
The House and Vice Captains are a key part of our positive behaviour management. They support children in assemblies with their listening skills and sit with the younger children at lunchtime. All of our Year 6 pupils love looking after the younger children and modelling the right behaviour. 
They are supported in their role by Heads of Houses. These are some of the teachers in the school. 
Miss White is Head of Shakespeare
Mr Edwards is Head of Arden
Miss Parton is Head of Hathaway
Mrs Slater is Head of Hall
Once a child joins a house they remain in that house for the whole of their time at Stratford. Siblings are in the same house. The children can earn points for their houses for demonstrating RESPECT - our one school rule. 
Each week the house cup is awarded to the house with the most house points for that week.