Relax Kids

Relax Kids is an award winning, evidenced based, emotional resilience programme which helps children become calm, focused, more confident, resilient and relaxed. The programme is taught in over a million homes and schools across 30 countries globally. The classes are suitable for each and every child, empowering them with tools and strategies to manage their emotions, whilst also teaching them valuable emotional resilience skills to last a lifetime.

Endorsed by Ofsted, education psychologists, education consultants, therapists, teachers, SENCOs, learning mentors, social workers, nursery managers and parents, the Relax Kids programme has proven to enhance learning potential, improve confidence, promote emotional literacy, exam outcomes and aid emotional regulation.

The structured seven-step programme takes the children from high energy levels to a relaxed state and have distinct emotional and physical benefits. Relax Kids classes also incorporate a simplified understanding of neuroscience and brain anatomy (our brain animals); and the effects of our emotions on three specific parts of the brain and behaviours.

Well-being is an important aspect of our school ethos.  Every week, Relax Kids classes are delivered to all year groups by Ms Desai (see biography under Support Staff).  Each lesson is adapted to meet the needs of the children and delivered using imaginative, engaging and effective methods.

Relax Kids Learning Outcomes

• Increase concentration, focus and attention • Help pupils identify and manage emotions • Improve learning and school performance

• Build sustainable strategies to manage stress and anxiety
• Reduce negative thinking and behaviour
• Aid self-control, emotions and conflict resolution
• Equip students with simple behaviour management strategies • Improve listening skills, social and communication skills

• Reduce anxiety, bullying and peer pressure
• Improve positive thinking, confidence and self-esteem • Improve pupil resilience and self-regulation


Relax Kids can help development of symbolic and imaginative play, teaches sequencing and logical thinking skills, promotes development of executive functioning skills (response inhibition, working memory, emotional control, sustained attention, flexibility), enhances memory, and increases capacity to regulate metacognitive processes.


Relax Kids can help development of social communication skills necessary for cognitive and social/emotional growth, develops expressive and receptive communication skills, teaches lexical and pragmatic skills, and assists in overall language development.

Social and Emotional Development

Relax Kids can help development of self-regulation skills, turn taking, empathy, ability to label own and other emotions, cooperation skills, and ability to gain attention from others in appropriate ways.


Relax Kids can help development of independence skills by assisting children to separate easily from caregivers and become more independent in play, communication, daily living skills and decision making.

Physical development

Relax Kids can help development of gross and fine motor skills as well as sensory processing skills.