Dream Draw

Due to the enormous success of The FOSP Dream Draw, we are continuing to run this throughout this academic year.


It is just £1 per entry and tickets will be drawn monthly by the staff and pupils during whole school assembly on a Monday (around the middle of the month).

50% of income will go towards school projects 50% on cash prizes. (30% 1st prize, 15% 2nd prize, 5% 3rd prize).


There will be 10 draws on the following dates:


11th October

8th November

13th December (by 9th)



17th January

14th February

14th March

19th April

17th May

14th June

12th July


The draw will be open to staff, family and friends of the school community. Participants can enter multiple times.


Ideally to reduce admin we would greatly appreciate entry to the school year’s 10 draws in a single Bacs payment of £10 to the FOSP account but alternatively standing orders of £1 per month can be made. Please advise if you can only pay by cash and we will make arrangements for COVID secure collection. Payments for entry must be received by 5pm on the day that has been designated as the payment deadline.


Once you have expressed your interest in entering the draw you will be messaged the FOSP bank account details and a reference to use on your BACS payment. Each entrant will be given a number to allow for anonymity if requested.


New entries will be accepted throughout the year according to the rules but refunds of prepaid entries will not be given.   Winners will be notified ASAP and payments made by BACS wherever possible and cash in the exception.

If interested email fospschool@gmail.com or WhatsApp to Denise Wood on 07711 768087.


Thank you as always for your support. We look forward to the time we can offer more interactive events, hoping you are safe and well.

Click on the PDF documents for more information about our Dream Draw and to download the application form.