Friends of Stratford Primary (FOSP)

Welcome to the FOSP section.

We are the Friends of Stratford Primary. We're always on the look out for help with ideas and events so if you feel you have something to offer, please email Also, don't forget our other fundraising initiatives, the Giving Machine and Second Hand Uniform Sales.
Volunteer raffle

This school year we decided to start up a Volunteer Raffle. So every time someone gives up their time, whether it be to attend a committee meeting, help on a stall for an hour or help with organising an event then they will be assigned a raffle number.

At the end of the school year a number will be picked at random and that lucky person wins a prize.
Of course the more you volunteer the more chances you have of winning! However just half an hour of your time is extremely valuable to us which is why we want to give you the opportunity of being a winner.